Sports Hernia Exercises to Get You Back Playing

athletic pubalgia exercises

Are you an athlete experiencing deep pain in your lower abdomen or groin when you exert yourself?  A sports hernia is common in athletes who do repetitive kicking, twisting, or turning at high speeds. This includes athletes who play soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and hockey.  Many athletes miss significant playing time due to ongoing […]

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9 of the Best Hip Impingement Exercises


Hip impingement results from excessive contact between the ball and socket of your hip joint.  Bony changes or deformities compress or pinch your bone, cartilage, and other joint structures.  This leads to tears of your labrum and early hip arthritis. Surgery and physical therapy are the most common treatments.  This article describes the best approach […]

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement Recovery: Strengthening Exercises

physical therapy for shoulder replacement

The reverse shoulder replacement has a specific design that takes advantage of your large deltoid muscle.  So even if your rotator cuff is damaged, you can still raise your arm overhead. Strengthening exercises in physical therapy targets your deltoid muscle.  It is also important to strengthen the muscles attaching to your shoulder blade.  This articles […]

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement and Early Rehabilitation

Reverse shoulder replacement

Reverse shoulder replacement is becoming an increasingly common surgery.  If you are plagued by painful shoulder arthritis along with rotator cuff disease this surgery is an option for you.  Also, some types of arm or shoulder fractures are best treated with a shoulder replacement.   After surgery, your outcome becomes largely dependent on your rehabilitation.  This […]

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Knee Replacement: Improve Your Balance and Walking

Balance exercise

Knee replacement surgery is a proven way to decrease pain from knee arthritis.  This surgery also results in substantial improvements in your walking and overall mobility.  However, surgery alone cannot restore your muscle strength or balance.  For this reason many people who undergo knee replacement are plagued by poor balance and falls.  This article highlights […]

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Returning to Sports after Knee Replacement

return to sports knee replacement

It is estimated that the number of knee replacement surgeries in the United States will increase 673% from 2005 to 2030.  People under 60 years old are responsible for most of this spike in surgeries.  Also, people are living longer than before.  Most expect to stay as active as possible up to and after retiring. Many […]

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The Benefits of Electrical Stimulation after Knee Replacement

Knee neuromuscular electrical stimulation

The success of your knee replacement surgery depends on several factors.  One of the most important of these is how you progress during your rehabilitation.  In particular, the first few weeks of physical therapy are essential for your long-term success.  This is because the function of your quadriceps muscle on the front of your thigh […]

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Prevent Stiffness after Your Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgeries are helping hundreds of thousands of people each year.  Most studies show 1-year patient satisfaction rates at 80% to 90%.  However, some people do develop complications.  Approximately 5% of people undergoing knee replacement surgery develop a stiff and painful knee.  Knee stiffness after surgery is associated with worse results. People with increased […]

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Strength Training Eases Back Pain

Back pain

Is avoiding strength training with weights best for your low back pain?  Many people believe they should not lift weights because of their chronic aching back.  This belief is unhelpful and can perpetuate your back pain. Strength training is a safe and effective way to decrease your persistent back pain.  This article addresses how you […]

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Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain

low back pain exercise

Is your usual response to back pain to take it easy and rest? Using hot packs, ice, or any topical cream certainly helps the body relax.  This has its benefits.  However, excessive rest is not best for managing your back pain.  The key is balance.  Don’t overdo it while you are experiencing pain.  But equally […]

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