Bulgarian Split Squat Variations

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The rear-foot-elevated or Bulgarian, split squat is an excellent exercise to train the lower body for sport or everyday life.  It is unclear where how this exercise received it’s name but this is of little importance.  The split or asymmetrical stance of the lower body introduces unique deands on the muscles and nervous system.  Acceleration, […]

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Gluteus Maximus: 5 Exercises to Get Started

gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle of the hip and buttock.  It functions to maintain an erect standing posture and to extend the hip joint.  The gluteus maximus is regarded as one of the strongest muscles in the body.  Strength of the gluteus maximus is required to walk with an upright posture, stand up […]

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Muscle Loss in Older Adults: Prevention and Treatment


Loss of muscle with advancing age is referred to as sarcopenia.  This process begins in the fifth decade of life and proceeds at a rate of almost 1% each year.  Declines in muscle strength usually progress faster than muscle size.  Muscle loss with advancing age is associated with many chronic conditions.  These include diabetes, cancer, […]

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Gluteus Medius Exercise: Advanced Progressions

gluteus medius and maximus exercise

Athletes are required to perform explosive powerful movements during sport.  The hip muscles, including the gluteus medius, help generate and transfer forces during sport-specific activities such as running, cutting, and throwing.  These types of athletic demands require high intensity training in the gym.  Gluteus medius exercise which emphasize multiple planes of movement in single-leg or […]

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Gluteus Medius Exercise Progressions

glute exercise

The primary role of the gluteus medius is to stabilize and control movement of the pelvis during weight bearing functional activities.  This is required for efficient walking, climbing stairs, running, jumping, and throwing.  All of these activities require at least a brief period of single leg support.  The gluteus medius maintains a level pelvis and […]

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Gluteus Medius Exercise: Getting Started


In a previous article, we discussed the importance of the gluteus medius muscle in controlling lower extremity alignment during the squat.  This muscle also plays a critical role in positioning and stabilizing the pelvis in many other functional activities.  This includes any activity with requires a period of single-leg support such as walking, climbing stairs, […]

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Gluteus Medius: Controlling Knee Position during the Squat

Hip abductor weakness

The gluteus medius is a broad thick muscle on the outer part of the pelvis.  The muscle spans from the buttock to the upper aspect of the thigh bone (femur) on the bony part of the outer hip (greater trochanter).  The primary function of the gluteus medius is to stabilize the pelvis and femur during […]

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Self-Management of Pain: Your Physical Therapist as a Guide

therapeutic relationship

Too many medical approaches in today’s society are dependent on others (therapists, doctors, etc) and include passive treatments (medications, injections, etc.).  It can be empowering to take control of your own health and seek active forms of treatment for conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, or even every day sprains and strains.  Self-management allows […]

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Persistent Low Back Pain: The Physical Therapist’s Role

persistent low back pain

Low back pain is the most common cause of disability and lost work time in industrialized countries.   Persistent low back pain is characterized by periods of high and low pain intensity which can persist for years.  Periodic “flare- ups” are common and often result in the seeking of medical treatment.  Medications and surgery are often […]

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