Strength Training Eases Back Pain

Back pain

Is avoiding strength training with weights best for your low back pain?  Many people believe they should not lift weights because of their chronic aching back.  This belief is unhelpful and can perpetuate your back pain. Strength training is a safe and effective way to decrease your persistent back pain.  This article addresses how you […]

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Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain

low back pain exercise

Is your usual response to back pain to take it easy and rest? Using hot packs, ice, or any topical cream certainly helps the body relax.  This has its benefits.  However, excessive rest is not best for managing your back pain.  The key is balance.  Don’t overdo it while you are experiencing pain.  But equally […]

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Aerobic Exercise and Back Pain

Aerobic exercise for back pain

Eight of every 10 people will experience low back pain at some point during their lifetime.  Most low back comes in waves.  Acute flare ups are interspersed with periods with of very little or no pain.  You can manage how often and how severe each episode is by performing regular exercise.  Many different types of […]

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Pilates Exercise for Back Pain

Pilates for back pain

Are you looking for the right type of exercise to help your aching back?  There are many kinds of exercise that are helpful for people with ongoing back pain.  However, there is no one universal form of exercise that is best for everyone.  Pilates is one form of exercise that is very beneficial for many […]

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McKenzie Exercises for Back Pain

McKenzie exercise

McKenzie exercises are effective for reducing your back pain especially if it has been traveling down your leg.  People with back pain lasting more than 3 months are good candidates for McKenzie exercises.  Based on the latest research, the McKenzie Method of treating back pain is equally effective to other approaches.  This includes manual therapy […]

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5 Simple Low Back Stretches

back stretching exercise

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor.  It is also a common reason to miss work.  More than 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.  A large majority will recover well in a few weeks.  Only about 10% will experience ongoing or […]

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Pool Exercise for Arthritis: Tips to Get You Started

aquatic exercise for arthritis

Arthritis leads to more trouble walking and climbing stairs than any other muscle, joint, or bone problem.  Treatment cannot “cure” arthritis. However, many treatments can slow the progression, reduce pain, and improve your quality of life.  Exercise is one of the most researched and proven treatments for people suffering with arthritis pain.  But what type […]

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Arthritis: Aerobic Exercise to the Rescue

Hip and knee arthritis

Arthritis pain leads to reduced mobility and poor physical fitness in older adults.  Pain from arthritis starts a viscous cycle.  This includes reduced physical activity, depression, more pain, and ultimately worsening health and quality of life.  Does this sound painfully familiar? People with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, should perform regular aerobic exercise.  We do […]

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Arthritis: Treat Your Pain with Yoga and Tai Chi

Arthritis exercise

Your arthritis pain can be treated with exercise.  Many forms of exercise have proven effectiveness for arthritis.  These include aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, and balance training.  It is important for you to choose the type of exercise that resonates most with you. Then stick with it.  Mind-body exercise is another effective type of treatment […]

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The Best Balance Exercises for Hip and Knee Arthritis

Balance exercise for arthritis

Are you having trouble walking, climbing stairs, or standing up from a chair.  Is your knee or hip pain interfering with these activities?  Are you losing muscle strength because of painful arthritis?  Most daily activities not only require muscle strength but also good standing balance. Balance problems are very common in people with arthritis.  Balance […]

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