How to Avoid Falling: Start a Home Exercise Program

Falls in the elderly

More than 30 percent of people 65 and older fall each year. This increases to 50 percent for those in their 80’s.  Two-thirds of those who fall will fall again within 6 months.  Those who fall are more likely to move into a nursing home.  Worse, falls are the leading cause of injury, deaths, and […]

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Direct Access and Medical Screening in Physical Therapy

Direct access

Many people visit a physical therapist after seeing a physician and being given a prescription to start physical therapy.  However, this is not the only scenario a patient can be seen by a physical therapist. In New Jersey, as well as all the other states in the country, there is “direct access.” This allows a […]

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Concussion in Sports 


Concussions are common in athletes.  They commonly occur in contact sports, such as football, and non-contact sports, such as soccer. BSR Physical Therapy and our doctors of physical therapy can help evaluate, manage and treat patients with concussion.  This article helps to answer some common questions you may have. What is a Concussion? “Sport-related concussion […]

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Overcome 5 Common Barriers to Starting Your Exercise Program


Another new year is upon us and with it comes the resolution to get in shape, lose weight, or commit to a healthy lifestyle.  Nearly 50% of New Year’s resolutions are related to losing weight or starting an exercise program.   We all have good intentions but the fact is most fail miserably at following through.   […]

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Knee Replacement: Quadriceps Weakness Slowing You Down?

Quadriceps weakness knee replacement

Nearly 5 million people are living in the United States with a total knee replacement.  This number is rapidly growing.  Knee replacement surgery is helping many people lead active lives for many years.  However, only 1/3 are completely satisfied with their function 1 year after surgery.  Even worse, 30% are dissatisfied because of knee pain, […]

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Calf Muscle Injuries:  Exercises for Your Best Recovery

Calf muscle strain

A calf strain is an injury to the muscles in the back of your leg, below the knee.  Two major muscles make up the calf.  The gastrocnemius muscle is the large outer muscle in the back of the lower leg.  The smaller soleus muscle lies deep underneath the gastrocnemius.  Both plantarflex the foot.  This occurs […]

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Knee Pain in Women: 5 Exercises for Less Pain

Women with knee pain

Approximately 1 in 5 women over the age of 18 experience knee pain.  This prevalence of knee pain in women is even higher in those older than 60.  The reasons women are more susceptible to knee pain and injury are based on anatomical, biomechanical, and hormonal factors.  The wider shape and structure of the female […]

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Band Rotator Cuff Exercises for Baseball: Part 2

Arm Care Exercises

Nearly 50% of all baseball pitchers experience shoulder or elbow pain that limits participation at some point in their careers.  The repetitive stress of overhead throwing leads to overuse injuries of the shoulder and elbow.  However, many of these overuse injuries are preventable.  Exercises targeting the rotator cuff are one such approach.  In a previous […]

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Middle Trapezius Exercises: 6 Simple Options

Middle trapezius exercises

The trapezius is a large broad muscle spanning the upper back with attachments to the spine, shoulder blade, and collar bone.  The trapezius is divided into 3 parts: the upper, middle, and lower portions.  As a whole, the trapezius plays an important role in positioning and moving the shoulder blade for overhead function.  The middle […]

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Neck Pain and Dizziness

cervicogenic dizziness

Each year many people suffer from neck pain and dizziness. The number of patients who visit their doctor and the emergency room for dizziness is on the rise.  Dizziness accounts for 7% of doctor visits for people over the age of 45 and is the leading reason to see a doctor in those over the […]

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