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Manual Therapy Eases Painful Hip Arthritis

Many people are frustrated by pain from hip arthritis.  Due to poor quality of life, each year hundreds of thousands…

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5 of the Best Exercises for Glute Pain

Tendinitis of your glute tendons leads to pain on the outside of your hip.  With gluteal tendinitis, hip pain interferes…

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Hip Replacement Recovery: 5 Easy Exercises

Hip replacement surgery relieves pain for hundreds of thousands of people each year.  However, some are disappointed because of persistent…

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Exercises after hip replacement

Lunge Exercises: How to Modify the Lunge if You Have a Knee Injury or Pain

It can be frustrating when knee pain or an old injury interferes with your workouts.  This is especially true when…

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Lunge exercise modifications

Sports Hernia Exercises to Get You Back Playing

Are you an athlete experiencing deep pain in your lower abdomen or groin when you exert yourself?  A sports hernia…

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9 of the Best Hip Impingement Exercises

Hip impingement results from excessive contact between the ball and socket of your hip joint.  Bony changes or deformities compress…

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6 Strength Training Exercises for Hip and Knee Arthritis

If you are one of the millions of Americans bothered by hip or knee arthritis, this article is for you. …

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Hip Pain: 5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Hip pain occurs in 1 of every 4 women over the age of 50.  Many men also experience annoying hip…

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Hamstring Strains: 5 Important Exercises for Recovery

Hamstring strains occur at high rates in sports that require running and sprinting. One of every 3 injuries in soccer…

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Hamstring Injury

Hip Arthritis: 5 Helpful Exercises

Hip arthritis is a condition where the protective cartilage of your joints breaks down.  Cartilage serves as a cushion to…

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