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BSR publishes free reports to help you overcome your pain. Download these reports below. Call us if you have any questions or need some help from your physical therapist.

  • 4 Proven Types of Exercise for Osteoporosis

    Exercise is the only strategy that improves all modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis – bone strength, fall risk, and fall impact. In fact, there are specific osteoporosis exercises that help many Americans live pain-free. This special report will get you started with 4 proven types of exercise to build strong bones.

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  • 4 Proven Types of Exercise for Osteoporosis
  • How to Beat Shoulder Pain

    This special report gives you 9 helpful tips for strong and healthy shoulders. And none of them include drugs, shots, or surgery. Download this free report and learn how you can beat shoulder pain once and for all.


  • Beat Shoulder Pain
  • The 7 Keys to Returning to Sports After ACL Surgery

    Only 1 out of 3 athletes return to playing sports after ACL surgery. Also, at least 2 of 10 athletes sustain a second ACL injury after returning to sports. Download this special report to learn what you can do to increase your likelihood of getting back to playing.


  • ACL Rehab
  • How to Speed Up Your Recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

    In the US, more than 600,000 people undergo knee replacement surgery each year. This number is expected to rise to over 1 million by 2025. However, 10% of people report persistent pain 1 year after surgery. Download this special report so you can be part of the other 90%.


  • The 7 Best Types of Exercise for Back Pain

    Are you looking for the right type of exercise to help your aching back? Based on research studies, there are 7 different types exercises that are helpful for people with ongoing back pain. Sign up to receive your copy of this free report and take control of your back pain.


  • physical therapy back pain
  • Considering Seeing a Physical Therapist?

    Successful recovery from injury requires collaboration between the patient and the physical therapist. Thankfully, there are proven strategies which can enhance the likelihood of achieving your goals in physical therapy. Read about these here in this free report. Then, contact us at our Barnegat or Manahawkin clinic if you would like to learn more about how you can maximize your experience in physical therapy.

  • Tips for improving your chances of success in physical therapy
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    10 Keys to Achieving Your Goals in Physical Therapy.

  • 7 Keys to Understanding Pain and How to Overcome Yours

    Your pain is necessary. Your pain is real. Your pain is complex. And to truly overcome your pain, you must understand the science of how pain works. This book will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started overcoming your pain.


  • Pain
  • The 6 Best Types of Exercise for Hip and Knee Arthritis

    Hip and knee arthritis affects 50 million Americans. Pain from arthritis leads to poor mobility and quality of life. But you don’t have to suffer from arthritis pain. Exercise is medicine for your arthritis. It just has to be the right type and amount for you.


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