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If you answer yes to any of the following questions then a Free Screen is right for you.

  • Are you suffering from minor aches and pains in your joints, muscles, or low back?
  • Have you noticed difficulty performing activities that were previously not problematic?
  • Are you noticing problems with your balance or have you recently had a fall?
  • Would you like to start an exercise program but do not know how?
  • Are you looking to avoid x-rays, MRI’s, pills, injections or surgery?

What is a Free Screen?

Each screen is a 30-minute appointment with a doctor of physical therapy. This includes a brief medical history and interview. Your physical therapist will perform special tests to rule out any serious problems.  This could be something like a fracture or anything else that requires medical attention by a physician. Your physical therapist will also perform an evaluation of your movement, flexibility, and strength.

Based on this evaluation, your physical therapist will make recommendations about how you can manage your problem. This might include instruction in a home exercise program or a brief course of treatment with your physical therapist.

6 Benefits of a Free Screen

  1. Get expert advice on what you can do to feel and move better.
  2. Avoid waiting around to get the next appointment with a doctor.
  3. No expensive and time-consuming tests like x-rays and MRI’s.
  4. Avoid the hassles of dealing with insurance companies.
  5. No cost and no obligation.
  6. Minimal investment in time (30-minutes).

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