Tennis Elbow Pain

Physical therapy for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a common condition that can cause pain and weakness on the outside of the elbow.  Pain is usually caused by inflammation affecting the tendons in the wrist and back of the forearm.  It is commonly considered a condition that affects only those with physically intense occupations such as construction workers or carpenters.  […]

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New Clinic Open in Barnegat 67 Plaza!

BSR Physical Therapy at Barnegat 67

It has been nearly ten years since BSR Physical Therapy signed a lease agreement to join the Barnegat 67 Plaza on Lighthouse Drive.  With all the delays in construction, many other businesses looked elsewhere.  However, we always knew it was the best place for us.  The wait has been well worth it.  We finally opened […]

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Bodyblade Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

Bodyblade shoulder exercise

Proper coordination between different parts of the body is required to maintain normal shoulder function.  As mentioned in previous articles, the lower body, trunk, shoulder and arm muscles function together.  These body segments are links in a chain.  If one link is not functioning properly, the entire kinetic chain suffers.  The kinetic chain approach to […]

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Kinetic Chain Exercises Linking the Shoulder and Hip

kinetic chain shoulder

Overhead activities such as throwing require proper sequencing of different body parts.   The lower body, trunk, shoulder, arm, and hands are considered links in a chain.  If any of these links are not functioning properly, the chain is compromised.  Effectively using the body as a kinetic chain maximizes overhead athletic performance and reduces injury risk.  […]

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Closed Kinetic Chain Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

closed chain shoulder

In order for the arm and shoulder to optimally function, muscles of the entire body must contribute.   During most dynamic activities in everyday life and sport, the lower body creates most of the needed energy.  Energy is transferred from the lower half of the body up through the trunk and finally to the arm.  The […]

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Barnegat 67: A New Year’s Update

BSR Physical Therapy is on schedule to open at Barnegat 67 by the end of January 2019.  Things are proceeding quickly with construction.  This week the ceiling goes up and the first coat of paint will be applied.  Over the next two weeks, we expect the ceiling and lights to be completed.  Shortly thereafter, the […]

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5 Exercises to Improve Overhead Shoulder Mobility

shoulder mobility exercise

Loss of overhead shoulder mobility can be subtle.  Often, this subtle loss of motion occurs slowly over time from our daily routines and habits.  Sitting at a desk for most of the day can result in postural changes and loss of shoulder mobility.  Over time, the small changes in shoulder mobility begin to accumulate.  Before […]

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Hip Stiffness: Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility

Hip self-mobilization exercise

Hip stiffness can contribute to many painful conditions in and around the hip.  In older adults, limited hip mobility is associated with hip osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and knee osteoarthritis.  In athletes, hip stiffness is linked with hip impingement, labral tears, groin pain, low back pain, and knee pain. The hip is a large ball and […]

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Tips for Getting Physically Active in the New Year

Fitness goals new year

With the new year comes many aspirations for a better future.  This often includes a desire to become healthier or more physically fit.  However, more than 90% of all New Year’s resolutions fail by February.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your chance for success in the New Year.  Employ the strategies […]

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Deadlift: Harmful or Helpful for Low Back Pain?

Deadlift low back pain

The deadlift is essentially a hip hinge with weight.  The hinge occurs by flexing at the hips while maintaining a flat low back.  The deadlift also involves some knee flexion but the majority of the movement occurs by hinging at the hips.  Hinging differs from stooping and squatting.  Stooping involves bending at the low back […]

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