ACL Rehab: 4 Steps for Early Success

ACL reconstruction

ACL rehab is a grind after surgery.  Your recovery will be slow and full of ups and downs.  Only 63% of athletes will ever return to their previous level of sport.  However, you can be better. This article tells you what to do during your first few weeks after surgery to help get you back […]

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ACL Prehab: Increase the Chances of Returning to Your Sport

ACL tear

An estimated 250,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgeries are done each year.  Unfortunately, surgery does not guarantee a return to playing sports. Rehabilitation after surgery is a grind.  And only 63% of athletes return to their pre-injury level of sport.  Thankfully, pre-surgery rehab or “prehabilitation” will accelerate your recovery after surgery.  Read on to […]

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Meniscus Repair: Easy and Proven Rehab Exercises

meniscus repair recovery

An estimated 850,000 meniscus surgeries are done each year in the U.S. Previously, we reviewed the keys to recovery after menisectomy surgery.  Menisectomy is the most common type of surgery for meniscus tears.  With this procedure, your surgeon removes the torn portion of your meniscus.  Recovery is quick and straightforward.  However, this type of surgery […]

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Meniscus Surgery: Simple Exercises for Your Best Recovery

Meniscus surgery

Meniscus surgery is the most common orthopedic procedure performed in the U.S. According to Harvard Medicine, 750,000 meniscus surgeries are done each year.  However, when it comes to a pain-free knee, surgery alone is no guarantee.  Several studies show similar results with either surgery or conservative treatments.  The best results occur when surgery is combined […]

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Hip Replacement Recovery: 5 Easy Exercises

Exercises after hip replacement

Hip replacement surgery relieves pain for hundreds of thousands of people each year.  However, some are disappointed because of persistent weakness and trouble walking.  Early after surgery we hear “be patient” or just “take it easy”.  Or, “all you need to do is walk more”.  This approach to hip replacement recovery is just not good […]

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Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: Proven Exercises to Ease Your Pain

Rotator cuff exercise

In the United States, approximately 17 million people struggle with rotator cuff tears. Often, pain and an inability to raise the arm overhead become debilitating.  Both surgery and physical therapy are effective ways to treat small and massive rotator cuff tears.  Many factors, including the size and characteristics of your tear, determine your best course […]

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5 Easy Hamstring Stretches to Help Your Knee Pain

exercises for hamstrings

Pain or tightness around your knee can be from poor hamstring flexibility.  Research proves tight hamstrings contribute to knee pain.  However, many people struggle with how to best stretch their hamstrings.  Do you find it painful to stretch?  Or are you stretching day after day and see no improvement?  This article will show you how […]

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Lunge Exercises: How to Modify the Lunge if You Have a Knee Injury or Pain

Lunge exercise modifications

It can be frustrating when knee pain or an old injury interferes with your workouts.  This is especially true when knee pain prevents you from exercising your lower body.  Some people give up and avoid exercising all together. However, there are ways for you to exercise and move without pain.  This article shows you how […]

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