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Are Your Health Care Providers Helping You Be As Healthy As You Can Be?

The leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States is chronic disease.  Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and…

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Health Physical Therapy

Self-Management of Pain: Your Physical Therapist as a Guide

Too many medical approaches in today’s society are dependent on others (therapists, doctors, etc) and include passive treatments (medications, injections,…

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therapeutic relationship

Resilience: The Final Piece of Recovery from Injury

Resilience is the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change.   Successful recovery from injury requires resilience to…

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Identifying Expert Physical Therapists: Part 2

Previously, I discussed the attributes of expert physical therapists. Experts share an inner drive for continual learning and improvement of their…

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What is Expertise in Physical Therapy?

Recent changes in health care have placed increased pressure on physical therapists to become more efficient and effective with their…

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Shared Decision Making in Physical Therapy

Shared decision making between a patient and health care provider is linked with improved patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment, and…

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Communication and the Patient-Therapist Relationship

The result of physical therapy treatment relies on the interplay between the technical ability, communication skills, and reflective capacity of…

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Physical therapist communication skills

Patient-Centered Communication

The therapeutic alliance refers to the collaboration between a patient and medical provider, their affective bond, and agreement on treatment…

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The Power of the Physical Therapist-Patient Relationship

The therapist-patient relationship, or alliance, is a critical factor in the success of your treatment plan. Therapeutic alliance refers to…

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Therapeutic alliance

Patient Satisfaction in Physical Therapy

Health care in the U.S. is shifting towards a value-based system where patient satisfaction plays a key role in the…

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