Bodyblade Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

Proper coordination between different parts of the body is required to maintain normal shoulder function.  As mentioned in previous articles, the lower body, trunk, shoulder and arm muscles function together.  These body segments are links in a chain.  If one link is not functioning properly, the entire kinetic chain suffers.  The kinetic chain approach to shoulder rehabilitation is based on control of the shoulder blade and coordinated stabilization of the trunk.  The Bodyblade is a rehabilitation tool that can be used to train these links of the kinetic chain to function in a coordinated fashion.

Strong shoulder muscles, such as the trapezius, serratus anterior, and rotator cuff provide a base of support to stabilize the scapula and optimize arm function.  Also, normal movement patterns of the upper body require lower body and trunk muscle activation before upper extremity movement occurs.  The Bodyblade is an oscillatory device which requires co-activation of these body segments.  The Bodyblade trains muscular strength, endurance, and coordination through the co-contraction of several important muscle groups.

Bodyblade Exercises

Shoulder rehabilitation programs using the Bodyblade can take on different forms.  Different exercises can target different links in the chain such as the glutes, core, scapular muscles, or rotator cuff.  The three exercises included in this article are a few examples which can be used for patients recovering from a shoulder injury.   These exercises are typically performed for a period of time (i.e., 30 seconds) or repetitions (6-10 repetitions) using multiple sets (i.e., 2-4 sets).  Your physical therapist can help you design a program which is best for you.

Closing Thoughts

Shoulder rehabilitation has become more of a total body rehabilitation approach versus focusing solely on the shoulder.   The Bodyblade is a device that facilitates the co-contraction of muscles in the shoulder and throughout the body.  This is characteristic of how the body functions in everyday life and sports.  For people experiencing shoulder pain, the Bodyblade can be an effective adjunct to other foundational shoulder strengthening exercises.

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