Rotator Cuff Tears: Management with Exercise

Rotator cuff exercise

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles spanning from the shoulder blade to the upper arm or humerus bone.  These four muscles are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.  The primary role of these muscles is to center the ball (end of the humerus) in the socket (shoulder blade).  A poorly functioning […]

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Little League Elbow: 5 Things Parents and Coaches Should Know

Prevention of Little League Elbow

Little League elbow is an overuse injury affecting the inside part of the overhead athlete’s elbow.  The injury occurs in youth athletes 8 to 13 years old with open growth plates.  In these youth baseball players, the growth plate is much weaker than the ligaments and muscles surrounding it.  Once the growth plates fuse, athletes […]

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Little League Shoulder: 5 Things Coaches and Parents Should Know

imaging, can delineate the common etiologies of shoulder pain in immature athletes, as discussed in the sections that follow. Proximal Humeral Epiphysiolysis

Little League shoulder is an overuse condition that affects the upper arm growth plate in the throwing arm of skeletally immature youth baseball players.  The image above (A) shows widening of the upper arm growth plate in a young athlete diagnosed with Little League shoulder.  The condition is characterized by generalized shoulder or upper arm […]

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Strengthen the Shoulder to Manage Elbow Pain

Train the scapular stabilizers and core to reduce elbow pain

Are you experiencing lingering elbow pain?  Have you experienced elbow pain in the past and are unsure why?  Weakness of the shoulder muscles and stiffness in your upper back or neck might be underlying problems contributing to these elbow injuries.  Shoulder weakness and upper back stiffness are common in athletes (baseball players, tennis players, and […]

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Try These 5 Row Variations to Strengthen the Shoulders and Core

Renegade row for core and shoulder training

Anyone interested in strengthening the core and shoulder musculature should be performing some type of row variation as part of their workouts.  The row is a pulling movement which involves flexing the elbow, extending the shoulder, and pulling the shoulder blade back, also known as retraction.  The row challenges the muscles of the upper back […]

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Lower Trapezius: Exercises to Improve Overhead Shoulder Mobility

The lower trapezius assists with upward rotation of the scapula

The lower trapezius muscle plays an important role in moving and positioning the shoulder blade (scapula) during overhead sports.  The lower trapezius spans from the lower 6 thoracic spine vertebrae to the upper portion of the scapula.   Along with the middle and upper portions, the lower fibers comprise the large trapezius muscle of the upper […]

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What’s the Pointe? Reducing Dance Injury

Reduce dance injuries

Dancers require unique strength and flexibility, which other performers and athletes do not.  Because of this, they are prone to injury if not physically prepared for training and performances. One way to reduce incidence of dance injury is to ensure that the dancer is physically and psychologically prepared for pointe work. The exciting part is […]

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3 Proven Strategies to Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Goal planning and executiron

Every New Year starts with well-intentioned resolutions to change behaviors and achieve personal goals.  However, it is estimated that only 8% of people actually follow-through with their New Year’s resolutions.  Setting and achieving goals, whether part of a New Year’s resolution or not, is a skill which can be learned with practice and a little […]

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