Neck Pain: Posture Correction Strategies

Exercise for neck pain

Retraining neutral sitting posture is an important factor in the recovery from of an episode of neck pain and also for preventing future episodes of neck pain. Sitting postural correction becomes especially important for those of us who spend a great deal of our time working at a computer or seated at a workstation of […]

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Low Back Pain: How Helpful is an MRI?

It’s not often that we are in agreement with insurance companies but they seem to be getting one thing right as of late. We have noticed an increase in patients referred to our clinics for low back pain that has not had an MRI. It appears that large insurance companies are denying authorization for these […]

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How to Improve Your Running Mechanics

Running injuries

Overuse injuries are common in runners.  This is partly due to the repetitive nature of the activity.  However, poor running mechanics also lead to overuse injuries in runners.  But you can improve your mechanics, decrease your risk of injury, and improve your running times.  This article describes how. Injury Rates in Runners In a given […]

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