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Manual Therapy: Move Without Pain After An Ankle Sprain

Many people are frustrated by persistent pain long after suffering an ankle sprain. In fact, almost 3 out of every…

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Manual therapy for ankle sprain

The Best Treatment for Patellar Tendinitis: Progressive Tendon Loading Exercises

Patellar tendinitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is a chronic problem for many athletes.  Pain begins with a dull annoying…

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jumper's knee

ACL Rehab: 4 Steps for Early Success

ACL rehab is a grind after surgery.  Your recovery will be slow and full of ups and downs.  Only 63%…

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ACL reconstruction

Rotator Cuff Exercises for Better Baseball Players

If you are a baseball player, the health of your rotator cuff muscles is a crucial part of success. Your…

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Baseball Pitcher

Little League Shoulder: 5 Things Coaches and Parents Should Know

Little League shoulder is an overuse injury that affects the upper arm growth plate in young baseball players.  The image…

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Shoulder and Elbow pain baseball

Warm-Up to Optimize Your Training and Performance

Walk into any gym and you will see people who completely neglect their warm-up. Others spend 45 minutes or more…

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Dynamic warm-up