New Clinic Open in Barnegat 67 Plaza!

It has been nearly ten years since BSR Physical Therapy signed a lease agreement to join the Barnegat 67 Plaza on Lighthouse Drive.  With all the delays in construction, many other businesses looked elsewhere.  However, we always knew it was the best place for us.  The wait has been well worth it.  We finally opened our doors at the new location on January 31st.

We now have more than 3x the amount of space at the new clinic.  Our patients are going to benefit the most from the larger space, new equipment, and same great physical therapists.  BSR Physical Therapy is located in between the Dollar Tree and Planet Fitness.  Our signs will be going up shortly.  Please stop in to say hello and see our new space.  We will also be holding an open house with lunch towards the end of February.  Stay tuned for the official announcement.

We’d like to thank our contractor, Sal Panza, and our architect, Sean McGovern for going above and beyond to get us open on time.  Also, the Barnegat Township Building Department and public officials were a huge help from start to finish.   Finally, thank you to the BSR team and our patients for all their patience along the way.

770 Lighthouse Drive

New Clinic

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