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Knee Replacement: Improve Your Balance and Walking

Knee replacement surgery is a proven way to decrease pain from knee arthritis.  Surgery also results in substantial improvements in…

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Balance exercise

Returning to Sports after Knee Replacement

It is estimated that the number of knee replacement surgeries in the United States will increase 673% from 2005 to…

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return to sports knee replacement

The Benefits of Electrical Stimulation after Knee Replacement

The success of your knee replacement surgery depends on how you progress during your rehabilitation.  In particular, the first few…

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Knee neuromuscular electrical stimulation

Prevent Stiffness after Your Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgeries are helping hundreds of thousands of people each year.  Most studies show 1-year patient satisfaction rates at…

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Knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement and Early Physical Therapy

Nearly 5 million people live in the U.S. with a total knee replacement.  This number is rapidly growing.  Knee replacement…

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Physical therapy

Knee Replacement: Pre Surgery Physical Therapy

In the U.S., more than 600,000 people undergo total knee replacement surgery each year. This number is expected to rise…

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Preoperative physical therapy for knee replacement

What You Should Know Before Your Knee Replacement Surgery

A total knee replacement is a surgery used to relieve knee pain from arthritis.  It is a viable option when…

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