Parkinson's disease
LSVT BIG physical therapy improves mobility in people with Parkinson's disease

What is LSVT-BIG?

Manahawkin NJ
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) BIG is an intensive therapy program to help combat the physical problems associated with Parkinson’s disease.  This includes problems with initiating movements, balance, coordination, and overall mobility. The program is based on a proven standardized exercise protocol.  To best meet your needs and goals, we individually tailor your program. This proven protocol helps people with Parkinson's disease move better. It will improve your activities of daily living, balance, and overall functional mobility.

What to Expect

The LSVT protocol consists of 16 sessions of physical therapy on 4 consecutive days of the week. Each session is delivered in a 1-hour session by a licensed physical therapist. The program also educates you and your loved ones about living with Parkinson’s. Don’t let Parkinson’s impact your life, start moving! For more information about the program please visit the LSVT website.

Take the First Step

LSVT BIG treatments take place at BSR's Manahawkin clinic. Call our office (609-549-5015) to schedule your initial evaluation with a licensed doctor of physical therapy. During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will determine the best treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Then, through a team approach, you will systematically work towards achieving them.