Tips for Getting Physically Active in the New Year

With the new year comes many aspirations for a better future.  This often includes a desire to become healthier or more physically fit.  However, more than 90% of all New Year’s resolutions fail by February.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your chance for success in the New Year.  Employ the strategies listed below and enjoy your best year ever!

Goals for new year

5 Strategies for a Healthier New Year

  1. Forgive yourself and move on from the holidays.  Holidays are for enjoying yourself with family and friends.  We should all take advantage of this special time of year.  Don’t feel bad about all those cookies and cakes you have eaten.  Be done with them and move on to a better you.
  2. Set a goal.  Don’t make a wish.  Set an actionable goal and do something every day to move you closer to it.  Learn more about how to set and achieve goals.
  3. Tracking something.  What gets measured, gets managed, and what gets managed gets done.  Consider tracking steps, calories, body weight, days per week exercising, hours of sleep, or anything else associated with your goal.
  4. Your chances of success increase if don’t go into it alone. Team up with a friend or join a community which promotes an active healthy lifestyle.  Trident Fitness and Performance is a great place to become inspired and to maximize your chances for success.
  5. Know your purpose.  Constantly remind yourself why getting healthy is important to you.  This is unique to the individual.  Some people want to set a healthy example for their children.  Others may want to look their best for an upcoming vacation.  If you have a setback and derail from your exercise routine (everyone does at some point), think about your purpose and goal.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals in the New Year!

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